Rainwater drainage planning: technical solution

Preamble : Infiltration or retention

As mentioned in the VSA 's Rainwater Drainage Directive, rainwater drainage planning needs to be considered for sustainable rainwater management. In this context, the control of stormwater in urban areas requires the development of various structures, with the aim of avoiding flooding due to the increase in urban areas, according to the different planning strategies mentioned below :

  • Infiltration when soil permeability and implantation allow it.
  • Retention when connected to a network or watercourse.

The Rigofill Inspect® module, a modular element with honeycomb structure, offers these implementation possibilities. It can allow:

  • to infiltrate all the rainwater in the soil through an infiltration basin,
  • to infiltrate some of the rainwater in the soil while the other part is directed towards the network or the watercourse through an infiltration and retention basin,
  • to retain rainwater in order to regulate the streams entering the rainwater network or the river, through a retention basin.

These retention or infiltration basins have a great longevity. As such, access to these structures for inspection and maintenance is essential. This control is made possible with the Rigofill® modules thanks to their cleaning passage.