The products of our Ecoplast department complement the Canplast product range and enable the water protection requirements to be met by pre-treatment of wastewaters before discharge into a sewerage system and/or final treatment of wastewater before discharge into the natural environment. The Ecoplast approach is based on the treatment of wastewater by a modular treatment chain.

Founded in 1906, the German company is established worldwide through production and marketing sites.

A partner of Canplast in Switzerland, Fränkische, provides technical expertise, advice as well as a wide range of products for integrated rainwater management (retention and infiltration basins, pre-treatment systems, regulation).

Saint Dizier Environnement, in France, is a leader in the design and supply of turnkey structures for road, urban and industrial rainwater treatment, as well as hydraulic control structures. Several benchmark achievements for surface water treatment, with treatment rates up to 1000 L/s, have been achieved in collaboration with Canplast.

Our flood protection specialist, Wapro®, has been operating throughout Europe for more than 20 years. They produce different devices for water supply, sanitation and regulation.

Canplast sells products of the brand Wastop® in Switzerland, including patented and approved non-return valves, as well as Waback® manholes, which can be installed on water networks as well as on rivers and lakes.