Pretreatment of wastewater containing hydrocarbon emulsion and heavy metals


  • Prefiltration and decantation of water to be treated
  • Elimination of suspended solids (SS) by in-line or filler (polishing ceramics, trovalising, etc.) coagulation/flocculation
  • Neutralisation of the pH (acid/base)
  • Separation and conditioning of sludge by lamellar settling, filter press, or filter bags.


  • Competences: Canplast provides services for the manufacture of all structures making up the pre-treatment chain: decanter with filtration, separator, storage tank, pre-treatment unit (in-line or filler)
  • Guarantee : Canplast guarantees a water discharge in compliance with the standards and directives in force.
  • Quality of material: All components of the chain are made of plastic (PP, PE or PVC) which guarantees total reliability and resistance to gases, acids and corrosion.
  • Comprehensive support: Canplast, in collaboration with a chemistry company, takes care of the whole project, i.e. the study of the chemical process, the manufacture and installation on site, the sanitary and electrical connections, as well as testing and commissioning of the installation.



Examples of applications

Pre-filtration before treatment

In-line treatment

(Coagulation / pH neutralisation / Flocculation)

Lamellar settling before filter press

Before treatment

After treatment

Lamellar settling before filter press

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