Your optimal solution for pretreatment of wastewater containing hydrocarbon emulsion and heavy metals.

The cantonal directives impose a pretreatment of wastewater to the establishments of the automotive industry: garages, bodyshops, paint shops, transporters, etc. Carrofiltre© XS is a patented, multi-award winning device, specifically designed for professionals in the automotive sector, in accordance with the Federal Ordinance of December 8th 1975 on the discharge of waste water.

Carrofiltre© complies with the requirements of DCPE 550 and its appendix.


The new generation Carrofiltre© XS is a compact, safe and advantageous device.
It is entirely made of synthetic material (polypropylene), which eliminates corrosion problems.
The Carrofiltre© is fully automatic and equipped with a programmable relay board that manages the different phases of treatment. No manipulation is necessary to operate the unit.


According to the applicable canton directives and the volumes to be treated, Canplast offers the possibility to operators to subscribe to a service contract, including the guarantee of compliance with the standards regarding discharge, evacuation of wastes and their routing towards a treatment station.


  • Reliability: The filter bag process ensures a high degree of operational safety and allows contact-free handling of the purification residues.
  • Economy: The Carrofiltre© has been conceived to obtain a minimal water treatment cost. It is the most economical solution for both buying and running costs.
  • Quality of material: All Carrofiltre© components are made of a synthetic material which is inert, thereby protecting it against corrosion damage.
  • Distinctions: The Carrofiltre© system has been awarded several times: 1983: European INDEX award for the judicious use of nonwoven filter bags 1988: Award of Excellence from Junior Chambers of Commerce
  • Availability: The Carrofiltre© was developed and is entirely produced in our workshops of Villars-Ste-Croix (near Lausanne), where all our parts, bags and flocculants necessary to the functioning of the device are also stored.
  • Competence: Canplast is able to offer its services for the manufacture of all works making up a pre-treatment chain: dump, hydrocarbon separator, pumping pit, Carrofiltre© pre-treatment unit.
  • Experience: Carrofiltre© is one of the first pretreatment devices developed specifically for garages and bodyshops. It was approved in 1985. To date, it is one of the best-selling devices in French-speaking Switzerland.


The separator must be drained periodically. The frequency of intervention is determined according to the workload and in agreement with the company in charge of emptying the tank as well as the competent local authority. For this purpose, a contract will be established between the operator and a specialised company approved by the Department of public works, planning and transportations (DTPAT).

It is advisable to empty the tank at least twice a year. The company in charge will respect the ordinances on the transport and treatment of special waste. After the tank has been emptied, they will fill up the installation with clear water.

To increase the purification efficiency, Ecoplast offers the possibility of installing a coalescence filter inside the hydrocarbon separator.

The wastewater is collected in a pumping tank after passing through an oil remover. It is then pumped into a tank incorporated in the apparatus where it undergoes a flocculation treatment with a powder product which converts the hydrocarbons into large flocs. These are retained by Carrofiltre© bags, while the filtrate is evacuated toward the wastewater pipe.

The different phases of the Carrofiltre© are fully automated. Human intervention is limited to periodic bag changes and supplies with flocculant, approximately once a month. This can be provided by one of our specialists, subject to a service contract.

An alarm system ensures the proper functioning of the installation.

Standard equipment, Carrofiltre© Type XS - Garage / bodyshop Model

 Type  Dimension
 (L x H x w)
 Flow rate
 Mixing tank
 4 XS  2'000 x 1'500 x 600  500  100
 8 XS  2'150 x 1'500 x 850  1'000  200
  • Power supply: 220 V single phase
  • Consumption: approx. 0,8 kW/m3
  • Filtration capacity: 250 to 1000 litres per hour, depending on setting
  • Discharge pump flow rate: Approx.. 1.5 litres/second - 4'm CE
  • Consumption (according to importance of the garage):
    • Flocculant consumption: approx. 0.9 to 1.2 kg/m3
    • Consumption of filter bags according to hydrocarbon concentration: approx. 1 bag for 1-2 m3