To prevent the clogging of drains or deposits in wastewater pipes, Ecoplast has developed and patented a system allowing the automatic and gravitational emptying of tanks.

The self-priming double-float chamber patented and developed by Ecoplast aims to avoid clogging of pipes and drain pipes. The Ecoplast double-float automatic discharge system allows a "flush" discharge and therefore avoids the deposit of solids in the drains, thus allowing an optimal operation.


  • Economy
    The self-priming double-float chamber prolongs the life of the drains and pipes and therefore reduces the frequency of cleaning or replacement thereof.
  • Easy installation
    The self-priming double-float chamber, thanks to its light weight, allows a quick and easy installation with very little to no lifting equipment.
  • Reliability
    The operating principle of the Ecoplast double-float results in high operational safety. Custom manufacturing can meet any flow constraint or discharge conditions. The self-priming double-float chamber is made of PVC or PE, which implies total sealing and absolute resistance to sewage.