On-site assembly of Ecoplast structures

In the event of a site constraint, Ecoplast offers the possibility of assembling the structure directly in its final location.

Ecoplast know-how

  • Prefabrication in the manufacturing workshop
  • Dismantling
  • On-site transportation
  • On-site assembly
  • Watertightness tests

Ecoplast maintenance service

Ecoplast provides a unique maintenance service in French-speaking Switzerland to ensure the operation of the facilities in accordance with applicable regulations.

Description of main tasks performed during maintenance services

1 - For Carrofiltre©-type installations

  • Collection of treatment residues (sludge) packaged in the filter bags
  • Delivery of treatment residues to the CRIDEC treatment centre
  • Supply of consumables (filter bags and flocculants)
  • Operational reports for purification performance verification
  • Guarantee on parts and labour

2 - For Klaro© mini-treatment plants

  • Operational reports for purification performance verification
  • Guarantee on parts and labour

Technology transfer

With more than 2,000 achievements to its credit, Ecoplast has considerable experience in the field of wastewater treatment at the source.
In order to meet a growing international demand, Ecoplast offers its services for the sharing of its experience with foreign companies wishing to conquer their local market.

Ecoplast activity is based on the notion of proximity and knowledge of local requirements in the field of environmental protection. These can vary considerably from one region to another, and the products must be adapted accordingly.
The use of plastic promotes this adaptation.

Ecoplast services

Ecoplast services include:

1 -The definition of the technology transfer project

  • Marketing studies
  • Evaluation of the potential of the beneficiary company
  • Financial planning, profitability calculation

2 - Transfer of technical experience

  • Support for the acquisition of material and equipment
  • Training of the personnel in the design of structures
  • Training of the personnel in plastic boiler making (welding and gluing)
  • Support for setting up the maintenance service

3 - Transfer of business experience

  • Institutional dialogue
  • Marketing of products
  • Management of operational stations (maintenance services)

The Ecoplast intervention modalities will depend on the particular conditions of the transfer project. Several forms of intervention are possible (flat-rate transfer contract, license sale, etc.).

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