Domestic, industrial, and clean wastewater pumping

Ecoplast pumping tanks can be fabricated as "buried" or freestanding versions.
In case of access problems (door, crawl space etc.) Ecoplast can install and weld the pumping tank on site.


Ecoplast pumping tanks are made entirely of plastic (HDPE, PVC or PP)
which offers the following advantages:

  • Watertight structure
  • Easy handling
  • Totally guaranteed against corrosion
  • Very good impact resistance


On request, Ecoplast pumping tanks can be completely equipped in our manufacturing workshop with:

  • Pump base plate
  • Valves
  • Guide rails
  • Ladders, etc.

This solution makes it possible to set up the tank and facilitate rapid commissioning of the installation.

Ecoplast is also able to offer you a turnkey solution that includes the study and sizing of the entire project.
We can supply you with the tank with the pump(s) and the control panel.


Example of manufacturing and assembly of a completely equipped pumping tank in our Villars-Ste-Croix manufacturing workshops.

Mounting the discharge outlet in PE pressure

Tank with reinforced inclined base (for laying in the vicinity of the water table)