• Design stage: Canplast puts a team of technicians at your disposal; they will be more than happy to advise you during the development of your project (submission texts, fabrication details, etc.)
  • Specific quote: As each chamber is a special case, it is not possible to publish a price list. However, for each submission, we can submit a detailed offer.
  • Ease of maintenance: Council services appreciate the plastic chambers, clean, without deposits and showing no signs of wear. Cleaning and maintenance costs are virtually non-existent.
  • At construction: Civil works often require an adaptation of the layout because of the different obstacles encountered. For this reason, measurements are normally taken after the start of the excavation. Our technicians will be happy to visit the site in order to assist you when taking the measurements.
  • Specialised work: Our specialised assemblers, who have fully equipped vehicles, can intervene on construction sites. Their presence is very much appreciated for transforming existing structures and performing any work on plastics for which the company is not equipped.
  • Attractive price: The price of a Canplast chamber is very attractive when considering the simplicity of installation, the quality of the finished work and its behaviour over time. Our company laid the first chambers in 1966 in the canton of Vaud. After more than fifty years, they are still in perfect condition.
  • Submission texts: We propose, to the engineer and the architect, some standard submission texts of submission for the most common PVC chambers. These texts can be adapted for PE or PP chambers. Articles relating to other works, such as formwork, concrete pipe shafts, cast iron covers, etc., will be written by the technical office based on its standard texts.