To avoid the passage of undesirable particles, which may clog the outlet pipe, the use of an adaptable and removable strainer for cleaning the pipe is a technical advantage.


In general, the flow limiter can be made according to the figure above and can be composed of the following elements:

  • A removable strainer made to measure usually with an outside diameter of 160[1] mm
  • A calibrated orifice
  • An overflow[2] (recommended).

All elements of this flow limiter, in PVC, are custom-made, in order to guarantee an optimal flow.

[1] Different diameters are available: Ø 110, 125 160, 200, 250, 315, 400 mm, etc.
[2] Depending on the length of the overflow, a clamp may be required.


The threaded strainer ensures easy installation and disassembly for maintenance/cleaning of the outlet pipe. Various options are available to the clients, depending on the particular needs.


The advantages of the strainer are as follows:

  • No moving mechanical parts
  • High reliability
  • The section and the number of grooves guarantee optimal flow
  • Calibrated orifice integrated into the strainer
  • Easy and quick installation and disassembly

Assembly and conditions to be respected

The general conditions to respect in order to install a strainer are as follows :

  • Depending on the case, a method of fixing must be provided. Canplast is willing to provide this fixing system.
  • Assembly and disassembly of the strainer using the threaded fixing system.
Case 1: Removable strainer to fit Case 2: Removable strainer with overflow to fit
 Case 1  Case 2
Case 3: Removable strainer with flat surface fixing plate or curvilinear surface Case 4: Removable strainer with overflow and flat surface fixing plate or curvilinear surface
Case 3 Case 4


Figure 1: Display of the various possibilities of realisation

Figure 2: Flow regulator display with Ø 160 mm strainer and Ø 315 mm overflow