Everyone is talking about sustainable development

« So let's go for it! »

By using rainwater, you contribute to the preservation of the environment, save money and enjoy the quality benefits of intelligent and above all long-term sustainable products.

Drinking water is the most important element in the world and must be of the highest quality. A private home consumes about 180 litres of drinking water per person per day. We consume about half of it for food and body care.

What about the other half?

Expensive drinking water should not be used for the washing machine, to flush the toilet and for the garden. The soft rainwater is particularly suitable for the washing machine. It preserves the laundry and the washing machine, and requires less washing product. It is also ideal for the garden and the toilet.

Many water users in the home and garden can be supplied with "free" water. Think about the amount of water consumed for toilet flushing. The washing machine is also very often used and the taps in the garage, the laundry room or the DIY workshop can also be connected to the water circuit of the tank ! Not to mention the grass wich, as well as the flowers, wilts when it dries.

The economy capacity is optimised for home and garden installations. All possibilities for the use of rainwater are presented here. Appliances such as flushing and washing machines already consume a significant amount of drinking water, which can be replaced by rainwater.

Let's be responsible

It is wise to invest in a facility for the recovery of rainwater, which brings a lot of advantages:

  • It limits the consumption of drinking water and reduces bills while saving freshwater supplies.
  • It reduces network loading during heavy rainfall and delays network congestion, so limiting the risk of flooding.
  • It reduces the expensive treatments used to produce drinking water that, in fact, is used for everything but what it is treated for.
  • It is a source for watering the garden, washing cars and floors, supplying natural ponds, flushing toilet, washing machines and central heating.

Did you know?

For uses that do not require drinking water and large capacities, the heavy water consumptions are as follows:

Choice of package / system

Indeed, the runoff water recovered from the roof can be stored in order to use it for the different tasks explained later. To do this, simply clean it by removing all soiling with filters delivered in one of our packages.

In addition, the telescopic dome on the Carat tanks rotates 360° and facilitates connections. Its extension and its cover (pedestrian passage or passage for vehicles) allow a precise adjustment with the surface of the ground. Thanks to this innovation, mowing your lawn will be greatly facilitated.

Depending on the nature of your project, it is possible to implement different systems with our tanks:

Comfort Garden System:

Watering the garden and washing cars.

Eco Plus Home System:

Watering the garden, washing cars, flushing toilets, washing-machine.

Professional Home System:

Watering the garden, washing cars, flushing toilets, washing machine with microprocessors.

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