with M/F fitting and rubber sealing joint

On the market, there are two PVC families namely compact PVC and structured PVC.

The standards governing compact pipes (EN 1401) are more stringent than those governing structured pipes (EN13476), in particular for impact resistance.
SIA 190, which deals with all flow plastic pipes, states that only EN1401 is approved.

Existing PVC plastic pipes program on the Swiss market

Compact PVC

Homogeneous compact PVC pipes comply with the EN1401-1 and SIA 190 standards.

Structured PVC

Structured PVCs comply with the EN13467 standard. The pipe is made in three layers with a PVC foam core. The cost of manufacturing this type of pipe is lower because the amount of raw material is reduced.

It should be noted that only the SN4 and SN8 rigidities are standardised up to Ø 500 mm. SN2-structured pipes are not standardised.