Notes and manufacturing conditions

Headings in red and bold are required.
Headings in red are required for any fabrication.
In order to go into production, the order must contain all of the required dimensions.
The elements built according to the dimensions indicated by the client cannot be returned.
When ordering, please specify in the section called 'Your comments here' whether the site is close to the water table; also add any remark necessary for the manufacture.
When a client gives the order to discontinue the construction of a part that has already been started, the costs incurred are the responsibility of the client.
In the case of grouped orders (several parts), the first part is produced in 48 hours and the following part is produced in a time to be agreed upon. (Specify the priority of the fabricated parts.)
Some important parts require a manufacturing time of more than 48 hours in order to negotiate in each case (complete chamber, PE chamber, flow-break chamber, stormwater runoff, etc.).
In order to be able to find your last chamber order, to duplicate it or to change some data on the order, it is advisable not to delete cookies.

General conditions governing the supply of Canplast chambers and prefabricated structures